03 December 2020

Are Cheap Antennas Compatible With The Boost Even CAT6 R281 Modem?

In our quest for faster and more stable internet, more and more people are inquiring about putting external antennas to prepaid wifi modems. My assumption is that unless you put an outdoor antenna like a MIMO antenna or a YAGI antenna, the internal antenna of the modem would perform more or less the same as the cheap external antennas you can buy online. I'll try 4 different cheap antennas on the PLDT Boosteven CAT6 R281 modem to see how well they perform or if they even are compatible.

28 November 2020

Brownout Gadgets

The recent typhoons brought with it hours of no electricity. Everytime we experience a power outage we always wish we had some gadgets to get us by. We'll check out three items that can be really helpful during emergencies.

10 November 2020

All About Speedtests [Different Servers, Different Results?]

As quarantine continues and online classes and work from home is the new normal, a reliable internet connection is critical. One of the ways of checking if your connection is good is through speedtests.

In Youtube, you cannot see a video about WiFis without these speedtests. Everyone wants to check if Globe or Smart is the fastest, everyone wants to know which router is the fastest. You'll never run out of speedtests comparison videos in Youtube! 

On speedtests videos you'll always see some comments alleging dishonest speedtests only because of the server used. Most are assuming that if you are testing the speed of a PLDT modem then your server should be PLDT or Smart. If your speedtest server is Globe then maybe they are assuming that Globe can manipulate the test and somehow give slower speeds.

Let's put that to the test: So with my Greenpacket D2K modem, what I did is to check different servers to see the differences in the speed.

31 October 2020

The New GOMO Sim Card - GOMO or NO GO? [Unboxing, Speedtest, and Review]

Recently I've been seeing a lot of ads of GOMO, a new telecommunications company that promises awesome things! Some believe that GOMO is a game-changer so let's see if it's a GOMO or a NO GO.

28 October 2020

The New PLDT Home LTE-Advanced Prepaid WiFis - Where To Buy and Which One To Choose

If you are planning to buy a pldt prepaid wifi then read on! There are currently 3 available variants of the new PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi LTE Advanced and it might be confusing picking between the three. 

25 October 2020

PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid - Advance CAT6 Boost Even R281

The most significant difference of the Boosteven CAT6 vs the other PLDT LTE Advance models is the presence of an external antenna port. This is crucial for areas where the smart LTE signal is weak. I already saw someone online installing a DIY external antenna on the Evoluzn CAT6 but let's face it, not everyone has the time and has the knowhow to do this. For the boosteven however, not all external antennas are compatible.

21 October 2020

PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid - Advance CAT6 Green Packet D2K (FT10)

An afterthought of the earlier Evoluzn and Boosteven CAT6 modems, let's see of this bluetooth speaker-looking version is worthy to be part of the conversation.

19 October 2020

Choosing the Best Prepaid WiFi Data Promos [Globe vs PLDT]

If you are relying on prepaid wifi, like me, it's important to be familiar with the available data promos of both Globe and Smart. In this video we'll check the latest data promos and see which one is best.

With our current situation, everything seems to be done online and connecting to the internet is especially important for those working from home and more recently those needing internet for online classes. And either you're still waiting for installation of a fibr line or just want the flexibility on deciding how much to spend on internet, a home prepaid wifi is a good choice.