15 April 2005

the brilliant dance

Currently playing "the brilliant dance" by dashboard confessional. pretty emotional song.. well anyway, i decided to take advantage of the blog feature provided by myspace. and since out of 1000+ friends, no one seems to read my blogs, im gonna write everything that comes to mind, anything goes!

last night, i went to this sucky party. it was a graduation party of the brother of my friend's baby father. and i dont know them well, i just came for the booze. one of my closest friend was there and made the drinking session worthwhile. its nice to have an emotional but intelligent conversation once in a while.
what about them emotional scars. from the words of hannibal lecter "our scars remind us that the past was real." and it does. no matter how much we want to erase all memory of our heartaches, our frustrations, it doesnt matter. coz in the end, ul still look back and realize that it did happen and u cant do anything about it. how do we treat our wounds? we patch it up, put some medications and it heals, then leaves a scar. and its just that. a scar, a reminder. fact is, u've gone through it, ur healed. but why does it still hurt when we touch our scars?

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