24 April 2005

it's not impossible, its inevitable...

"it's not impossible, its inevitable..." - Agent Smith

I was watching Matrix Revolutions earlier, and somehow i remembered how disappointed i am the first time i watched the trilogy. The first matrix was great. The sequels Reloaded and Revolutions i think crossed the line. cinematography and quality-wise, the movie was great. but i just can't help but criticize the story. the first matrix makes you think because it can really happen, the concept was possible. the sequels made neo invincible even in the real world. it was crazy enough that he can fly within the matrix, i'll give him that, after all, all he sees in the matrix are just codes, but to be able to destroy sentinels was a little bit too far for me. i also remember the architect saying that neo is the 6th "one." what happened to the the first 5? why didn't they do the same thing neo did? aren't they all the same? is it only neo that has he ability to destroy the machines by mere thought?

...just questions i would never ask again... hehe

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