27 April 2005

me and my shiny head!

i remember it was this time last year, summer vacation, when i tried to shave my head. i never did coz my hair was already long and i kinda think its a waste if i cut it all off. i had a shaved head a few years ago and for two years i shave my head using a crappy but functional clipper i bought from my aunt. the nice thing about having no hair is that you can just get up out of bed and just go on with the rest of the day. it saves time since it skips the 5-15 minutes i spend on fixing up my hair. now i'm back! don't get the wrong impression, i didn't do this just to get my mind off of things. when i decided to cut my f4-like hair a month ago, that was due to depression, but this time its just for me. and also for some of my friends who have been requesting for my shiny head for a couple of years now, they hated my long hair and preferred myself shaved.

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