18 April 2005


damn i'm drunk! but sober enough to post a new blog =)

i just came home from a videoke partey care of boss jomz and his videoke machine! it was real fun, i never had a score of below 96 out of a hundred! haha =)

my first song was "it's not unusual" by tom jones. an upbeat tune just to get me going... then the colt 45 kicked in and next thing i remember i was singing emotional songs such as "how do i live" by trisha yearwood.

i wasnt planning on singing but what the heck i had a great time with my friends and i needed to have fun to forget... but somehow, someway, here i am again... thinking of what could've been, thinking of the "what if's" ...damn! i need to get over her... i've decided a while ago that im not gonna wait anymore, i'm gonna move on. but it's not an easy task, i'ma take it a day at a time... nobody said it was easy...

...no one ever said it would be this hard...

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