05 May 2005

aza aza fighting!

watching "full house" on dvd, i can't help saying "aza aza fighting!" a korean expression for encouragement. i didn't catch the filipino-dubbed version on tv, good thing my mom bought a dvd of the koreanovela. i wasn't interested at all at first, but someone told me i should watch it. she told me it was funny. she also was the one who told me that we should stop seeing each other...

it's been a couple of months, i was afraid that watching the dvd would remind me of her. it did remind me of her but i was surprised that i felt no pain, no bitterness at all. am i over her? i don't have a clue. somehow i'm not sure if i've already recovered, it's too damn fast, and it's too good to be true. but i'll get there, if i'm not there already... aza aza fighting!

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Anonymous said...

aza aza fighting :)