31 May 2005

i won the game but paid the price

I didn't start the game, i was confident the team could bury the opposition. 10 minutes into the game i saw the score at 5 to 20, we were losing by 15. i knew something has to be done, so i let myself into the game. a few lay-ups later and were back in the game. then i fell, and was knocked down bad. as i was jumping and finghting for a rebound the guy in the red jersey hit me and the next thing i remember was looking at the sky as people saw my body parallel to the floor falling from 3 or maybe 4 feet high. good thing my hand broke my fall. or so i thought.

after the fall i jumped right up as if nothing happened. a few minutes later i can feel the pain crawling on my wrist. i never liked to play dirty and i don't intend of starting now. we were down by 9 at halftime and i knew my time would come.

with 2 minutes to go, i looked at the scoreboard and i saw a still commanding 7 point lead. fortunately, a three point attempt trickled in and we were down by only 4. a few exchanged baskets and freethrows later we were only down by 1 with less than a minute to go but the ball possession was still theirs. they melted the clock for a few seconds and attempted a shot. the shot didn't hit the iron and i was free to follow it up to take the lead, the crowd went wild.

30 seconds to go, the ball was theirs. an errand pass sealed the deal. we had the ball with a one point lead waiting for the opponent's foul that never came, next thing i recall we were just counting the seconds away, couldn't believe we won the game. i had to thank God for that.

we won, but for a price. after the game my left wrist have swollen up. now i can't move my left hand without pain. it's all taped up to limit its movement, reducing the pain. i now type this blog using only my right hand. tonight's the championship game and i'm reduced to a spectator. but all of this cannot take away the glory of the game-winning shot, probably the biggest shot of my small undocumented basketball career.

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