04 May 2005


on weekdays, afternoon tv is such a bore. i always end up channel surfing for hours, scanning the 40+ channels on cable tv for shows deserving of my attention. when there's really nothing on, i just set the tv to mtv or myx, and try to enjoy music videos. a few weeks back, i chanced upon sugarfree's new video "prom" and it reminded me of my senior year prom. the video featured a dateless guy at prom night, hooked on a girl with a date, her boyfriend maybe. the night turned around a hundred and eighty degrees for the guy who miracolously won prom king honors opposite the prom queen, the girl he admires. then they danced the night away 'til it was time to go. back to reality for the guy, the girl was not his. the girl just gave him a kiss and returned to his date. obviously the guy wouldn't want the night to end. but it has to.

in my senior year prom, i was dateless, as with the majority of the guys (no big deal actually, the school was co-ed). the night went deeper, dinner was served and they played some music. it never really got interesting 'til they played some slow music. i suddenly found myself in a table together with other guys with no dates and no partners to dance with. well, of course there were ladies there i could dance with, classmates, friends, but there was something missing. or should i say someone. as i watched people dancing on the dancefloor, i saw a friend walk towards my direction together with someone. The someone i was missing. she was with someone that night, her boyfriend. but he was nowhere to be seen ...so we danced.

kaye and i were in a pseudo-relationship junior prom. now it's different, she was with someone, and that someone was not me. we never really got to talk after our "fall out" so it was really nice dancing, talking, and reconnecting with her that night. again, back to reality, the night must end sometime. but im fine with it, i was content with that dance. the dance i'm blogging about 6 years after prom.

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