28 June 2005

good riddance!

it was just a routine day, the alarm woke me up, snoozed it a few times, got up 20 minutes behind schedule, and went to school late. with an earphone in my ear, listenin' to ludacris' the potion, i got up to the 3rd floor and saw my curiosity...

and just as i thought, it ain't much of a drag. i just walked through, took a split second glance, and entered my class. no joy, no pain, no hurt, i felt nothing, she's just another face in the crowd. i guess this'll be my last post that will include her. good riddance!

20 June 2005

don't flatter yourself

enrollment for the first semester started and many were surprised that my long f4-like hair was gone and all that remains is a shiny head. it was fun looking at the reactions of people, some i don't even know. some of the more acquainted classmates and some friends were calling me names, an egghead for example. i'm not offended at all by this in fact i had a fun time catching up with old faces and what they've been up to last summer. everything was nice except for one incident.

i was just tagging along with a friend who needed a signature of a teacher. then came an old classmate and as usual was surprised at my shaved head. she asked me why i did so, i uttered a response and then she asked "ganun b katindi?" referring to the fallout i had with her friend. she then left and i never had the chance to curse, i was furious.

that's the reason i'm writing this blog, to reiterate that this ain't about you. i figured you and your friends have the same mindset. this has nothing to do with you. so please, do yourself a favor and don't flatter yourself.

12 June 2005

my wrist is almost healed & so is my heart

my wrist injury is almost healed. i've played in a couple of pick-up ballgames but i can still feel some pain though. i play with an elastic bandage wrapped around my wrist but a sudden bump or a wrong angle would result in pain. the swelling has gone down and i think the injury is now reduced to just a bruise. it'll only take a couple of weeks more and i'll be a hundred percent again...

same goes with my heart. the relapse thing is on its waning moments. classes have begun, people talk and people ask. they ask what happened and i answer them with enough humor that no one seems to notice the torture of having to relive the unfortunate series of events that added another scar to heart. funny thing is, after awhile, even i never noticed it. i think handling that kind of situation with a sense of comic relief is the way to do it. im giving this relapse thing a few more days to live.

07 June 2005

a weird phone call & an indecent proposal

the weird phone call... a couple of months back a friend sent me a text message on my Smart sim phone saying she's got a Sun Cellular sim. Being a Sun user myself, i sent her a message using my sun and had a little conversation with her. Then a few days ago she called me on my sun and the conversation went something like this:

Ron: Hello?

Michelle: Hello? Sino 'to?

Ron: si Ron ako, bakit?

Michelle: sinong Ron? Ron ni Michelle?

Ron: ha? sino ba 'to?

M: Nagtetext ka kasi dito sa cell ko

R: bkt? hindi ba kay michelle 'to? sino ka ba?

M: si Nina ako, friend ni michelle, so si michelle nga yung tinetext mo

R: oo, tinext nya kasi ako tapos binigay nya 'tong number na 'to

M: so ikaw nga si Ron ni Michelle?

R: ha? ako nga si Ron kilala ko si Michelle

M: ikaw nga yung Ron na ex niya

R: ha? ex? naging kami ba nun? baka iba yun, hindi ako yun

M: ikaw yun, db nga nagdedate pa nga kayo

R: talaga? saan?

M: sa SM

R: ha? ang galing naman, e hindi ko nga niligawan yun

M: Sino bang Ron 'to?

R: Ron, basta Ron. Ano ba sinabi sa'yo ni Michelle Leano?

M: Michelle ano? Si Michelle Hernandez yung sinasabi ko

R: e wala naman akong kilalang ganun e...

...after a few weird pauses i ended the call. it was really weird because as far as i can remember, the Michelle i'm talking about used her old number and sent me her Sun number. so how can there be a mix-up? i'm still confused...

the indecent proposal... again, a few months ago, maybe november or december of last year, my phone rang and registered a number not on my contact list. i just saved the number as "?" and sent a message asking who she or he was. i never got a reply.

then came may and my fone rang again and "?" showed up. I called the number and a girl answered. I asked her who she was and she said she just got the last digit for her cousin wrong and ended up with my number. i said it's ok and then she said her name was Nica and asked my name and i forgot if i answered her with my name. i was watching The Matrix and had no time for acquaintances that moment so i just pretended that i cant hear her and hung up. she sent me a message asking me to call her again. i replied that the line was cut-off and said i can't call her because my line has exceeded the limit. after a few lies and replies, she asked me to "pasa-load" to her. who was she to ask me to call her and now to ask me for load? the girl was crazy. so i just ignored her. and every couple of days she still rings my fone and last friday she sent me a message "musta?" i was bored that time so i replied. she asked me what i was doing and also said she was in the bathtub. i got pretty bored with her as well so i just ignored her again. she asked me why i was not replying to her messages. she asked 2 or 3 times and i made up an excuse just to be polite. then she sent this: "do u hav experiencd abt sex?" i don't know if i should be offended or if i should laugh at her poor grammar. i asked her why she was asking, her reply was "masama b? i'm hot kse." i never replied again.

after ignoring her, she still send me messages until i sent her a message: "hey guys, i will be using this number 09225228280, pls. update ur fones. tnx - Ron" that'll keep her away for now. unless she reads this and figures it out.