20 June 2005

don't flatter yourself

enrollment for the first semester started and many were surprised that my long f4-like hair was gone and all that remains is a shiny head. it was fun looking at the reactions of people, some i don't even know. some of the more acquainted classmates and some friends were calling me names, an egghead for example. i'm not offended at all by this in fact i had a fun time catching up with old faces and what they've been up to last summer. everything was nice except for one incident.

i was just tagging along with a friend who needed a signature of a teacher. then came an old classmate and as usual was surprised at my shaved head. she asked me why i did so, i uttered a response and then she asked "ganun b katindi?" referring to the fallout i had with her friend. she then left and i never had the chance to curse, i was furious.

that's the reason i'm writing this blog, to reiterate that this ain't about you. i figured you and your friends have the same mindset. this has nothing to do with you. so please, do yourself a favor and don't flatter yourself.

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