12 June 2005

my wrist is almost healed & so is my heart

my wrist injury is almost healed. i've played in a couple of pick-up ballgames but i can still feel some pain though. i play with an elastic bandage wrapped around my wrist but a sudden bump or a wrong angle would result in pain. the swelling has gone down and i think the injury is now reduced to just a bruise. it'll only take a couple of weeks more and i'll be a hundred percent again...

same goes with my heart. the relapse thing is on its waning moments. classes have begun, people talk and people ask. they ask what happened and i answer them with enough humor that no one seems to notice the torture of having to relive the unfortunate series of events that added another scar to heart. funny thing is, after awhile, even i never noticed it. i think handling that kind of situation with a sense of comic relief is the way to do it. im giving this relapse thing a few more days to live.

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