07 June 2005

a weird phone call & an indecent proposal

the weird phone call... a couple of months back a friend sent me a text message on my Smart sim phone saying she's got a Sun Cellular sim. Being a Sun user myself, i sent her a message using my sun and had a little conversation with her. Then a few days ago she called me on my sun and the conversation went something like this:

Ron: Hello?

Michelle: Hello? Sino 'to?

Ron: si Ron ako, bakit?

Michelle: sinong Ron? Ron ni Michelle?

Ron: ha? sino ba 'to?

M: Nagtetext ka kasi dito sa cell ko

R: bkt? hindi ba kay michelle 'to? sino ka ba?

M: si Nina ako, friend ni michelle, so si michelle nga yung tinetext mo

R: oo, tinext nya kasi ako tapos binigay nya 'tong number na 'to

M: so ikaw nga si Ron ni Michelle?

R: ha? ako nga si Ron kilala ko si Michelle

M: ikaw nga yung Ron na ex niya

R: ha? ex? naging kami ba nun? baka iba yun, hindi ako yun

M: ikaw yun, db nga nagdedate pa nga kayo

R: talaga? saan?

M: sa SM

R: ha? ang galing naman, e hindi ko nga niligawan yun

M: Sino bang Ron 'to?

R: Ron, basta Ron. Ano ba sinabi sa'yo ni Michelle Leano?

M: Michelle ano? Si Michelle Hernandez yung sinasabi ko

R: e wala naman akong kilalang ganun e...

...after a few weird pauses i ended the call. it was really weird because as far as i can remember, the Michelle i'm talking about used her old number and sent me her Sun number. so how can there be a mix-up? i'm still confused...

the indecent proposal... again, a few months ago, maybe november or december of last year, my phone rang and registered a number not on my contact list. i just saved the number as "?" and sent a message asking who she or he was. i never got a reply.

then came may and my fone rang again and "?" showed up. I called the number and a girl answered. I asked her who she was and she said she just got the last digit for her cousin wrong and ended up with my number. i said it's ok and then she said her name was Nica and asked my name and i forgot if i answered her with my name. i was watching The Matrix and had no time for acquaintances that moment so i just pretended that i cant hear her and hung up. she sent me a message asking me to call her again. i replied that the line was cut-off and said i can't call her because my line has exceeded the limit. after a few lies and replies, she asked me to "pasa-load" to her. who was she to ask me to call her and now to ask me for load? the girl was crazy. so i just ignored her. and every couple of days she still rings my fone and last friday she sent me a message "musta?" i was bored that time so i replied. she asked me what i was doing and also said she was in the bathtub. i got pretty bored with her as well so i just ignored her again. she asked me why i was not replying to her messages. she asked 2 or 3 times and i made up an excuse just to be polite. then she sent this: "do u hav experiencd abt sex?" i don't know if i should be offended or if i should laugh at her poor grammar. i asked her why she was asking, her reply was "masama b? i'm hot kse." i never replied again.

after ignoring her, she still send me messages until i sent her a message: "hey guys, i will be using this number 09225228280, pls. update ur fones. tnx - Ron" that'll keep her away for now. unless she reads this and figures it out.

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