24 July 2005

a dorm searching misadventure

i'm about to start my internship. my free time will likely end up spent on the premises of Manila Doctor's, and it'll be wise if i go to a dorm or rent a room. but i love my room, i got everything i need: tv, internet, mp3s, a comfy bed, anything i could ask for. having this pad, i never really considered renting a room unless it could emulate the luxury i have in my room. still, i gave it a try and went with a friend to look for dorms and rooms.

things went out pretty smoothly at first. we went to PJ Mansion, on the corner of taft ave. and pedro gil. a cute girl named MJ welcomed us, and with her "coƱotic" tongue, she enlightened us with the perks of staying there. flyers described the place as a youth hostel, and it was. the system was great, lots of free stuff, but for a price. a room for 1 person will dig up P10000 a month out of your parent's pockets. the cheapest was sharing a room with 5 other people for P3500. the price threw us off...

next, we wandered the adjacent streets and found a room for rent. the price was P2000 a month, electricity not included. the ambience was not inviting, and its quite far from UP Manila, and MaDoc's. so i had to say "next!"

searching for more, we stumbled upon a "wanted male bedspacer." now, i don't really like the set-up of bedspacing. first of all, it would mean you'll be sharing the room with probably more than one person. then, your personal stuff will be restricted, you wont be able to bring your things as you wish. but all of these was nothing compared to what greeted us... my friend knocked on the door, knocked a few more, and after a few more someone answered and opened the door. i wasn't really interested so i stayed back, and just listened to their conversation. but as i peeked through the door i saw a gay-looking guy with only his undies and a pillow. he invited my friend in and i had to come in as well. he thought my friend was alone and upon seeing me decided to dress-up. thank goodness! for a while there i was scared because he closed the door and i thought we were on the road to male molestation. but after the gay tension subsided, he showed us the bed we were supposed to rent for P1700. saying that the room is small, is an understatement. not to mention being crowded by other bedspacers.

moral of the story: never come in when the landlord looks gay and is wearing only his undies! i'd rather travel for hours than to spend weeknights on a pigpen.

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