26 July 2005

fear of the third strike

the first strike was devastating, took me more or less a year to get up from the ground. again, i stepped up to the plate, waiting for the pitch, took my swing, but the ball just grazed my bat. surprisingly, the second strike wasn't that bad, i got up immediately and just got the dirt off my shoulder. you would think that shrugging the second easily would make a third swing a walk in the park, but it wasn't the case.

well it was like a piece of cake at first, but after i got my sight locked on a butterfly i started to re-think, started to doubt, fear was building up. would a third strike get me out of the game? maybe not. but still, the fear starts whispering, asking me if i'm ready to lay it all on the line again. my battle-scarred heart should withstand any blow, so what am i afraid of? rejection? depression? but i've been there, it wasn't fun but it's manageable...

maybe all i need is a good kick in the butt, i guess it'll make my mind straight not to mention get rid of my bad-ass fear of the third strike. so help a guy out and give me a good kick!

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