09 July 2005

the good guy in me speaks out

i have been writing rather angrily on a couple of my previous blogs, near cursing my detractors and displaying angst against a certain person. and since all my negative emotions and bitter feelings are already on the table, i guess it's about time to let the good guy in me speak out...

"shit happens!" as i always say. and after giving much thought and a little help from the divine, i have forgiven. there's no one to blame, no sense in pointing fingers. it was nobody's fault. i'm just glad it's over with. i've learned a few lessons, and i'm thankful for that.

the actions and reactions of the individuals involved now seem easier to swallow. they just don't know me that well. i think they have an image of me totally different from what and who i really am. people see me always wearing a smile, always pumping up the volume with laughter, that's all i am to them. they don't take me seriously but i guess that's to their disadvantage. the ones that know me well can attest to that.

i forgive but i don't forget. and this little shower of understanding should be enough for people who don't even deserve it.

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