29 July 2005

a halt at 1:39

my college class wanted a small reunion thursday afternoon. turns out, only a few could make it so it was cancelled. but apparently, all of my closest friends were available thursday night and so it was set. it'll be our first get-together since Christmas of last year. but i didn't make it, the meeting place was too far for me not to mention im not too familiar with the place and i might get lost. so i just stayed home, sent a couple of SMS's saying my apologies that i couldn't come.

to pass the time, i watched Constantine on DVD. a great movie but it suddenly stopped at the 1:39 mark. stupid fake DVD's! after a few reboots of the DVD player i got frustrated and decided to just try again the next morning. i went to my room and there was an unread message on my fone. It was from Karina, telling me that they had a great time and how they wished the entire group were there.

it seems that i was one of the topics discussed during the dinner. a friend or two mentioned my blogs, and how heart-crushing my posts are. Karina's text message was her reassuring me that she'll be there if ever i'll be needing her help. i was touched. after all we've been through, i can say im really fortunate to still have her on my list of friends. she was the first strike, she sees me as an older brother and nothing more. good thing all is cool between us now. the least i could do right now is to accept that fact and just be there for her as well. thanks mare!

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