04 August 2005

automatic shutdown

my ordinary day usually starts with waking up late and ends with staying up late, going to bed right after watching conan o'brien or hey arnold at around 1am. but after more than a week of internship at manila doctors hospital, i think the batteries of my biological clock just ran out of power...

this internship is eating up my time and i had to sacrifice a lot of things just to complete it. i sign-out at 8pm, walk a few meters to reach the light rail transit, ride a train for 20 mins, get-off, ride a jeep or fx for another 30 mins and walk a few meters more to get home. all in all an hour of nonsense traveling, not to mention tiring. i reach my room and turn-on the tv and a couple of minutes pass and i find myself snoozing-off. but it's only 9pm! what's gonna happen to my 4 hours! no tv, no internet, no chats, only auto-shutdowns.

and it's a case of wrong timing too. where was this time-eating bully when i need some time off of reality. this thing would have been great if it had started a couple of months back when wasting time was of the essence. this thing would have been perfect keeping me busy trying to forget downfalls, wounds, and heartbreaks. but now that i'm past those hurdles, i really don't think this helps except maybe academically.

with only 58 hours logged-in and 422 hours to go, my life as a nightcrawler may just have to wait a couple of months more...

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