07 August 2005

the butterfly's identity

a lot of people are asking me about the butterfly's identity. but most importantly, im surprised that a lot of people know about my butterfly. i know i have at least 2 or 3 avid readers but i guess there's more. maybe it's the constant 'Ron has updated his friendster blog' e-mails. and instead of reporting it as spam, its nice that people checked it out first before deleting it...

but the question still remains. who is the butterfly? for now i can only give clues on her identity. so why give her a name of 'butterfly?' try asking her, it was her blog in the first place. if you really want to know, and if you have a lot of time to waste, why not try to browse my 257 friends in friendster. it's simple really not all 257 are girls, not all of them have blogs to share, and only one of them have an entry about a butterfly. see for yourself!

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