31 August 2005

a SPAM worth reading

SPAM or unsolicited commercial emails saturate networks all over the globe everyday. anyone who utilizes the information superhighway can be a victim of spam if they're not already. i regularly check my email and every now and then, a spam email defies blocking programs of my email provider and sneaks in my inbox. spam usually entices you to open them by having an appealing subject header. "get rich fast," "you've just won $$$," or even "enlarge your penis by 50% fast," to name a few. i must admit i have fallen victim to these traps (but not the last one). i've learned my lesson and just routinely delete any email that is suspicious.

a few days ago i got a couple of spam emails, one with a "get rich fast" kind of subject while the other was "ten most dangerous mistakes men make with women." i know these are just spams but i was intrigued by the second one. i opened it, scrolled down, and just as i thought, it was a commercial ad for a newsletter or ebook or something. scrolling back up, i started reading some very interesting points. now, after every number, the author shares his thoughts but this time i'll do it on my own. here goes:

1. Being too much of a nice guy
the old Filipino saying "lahat ng sobra ay masama" applies here. being too much of a nice guy can oftentimes shove you to the "friends" zone. a girl can get comfortable with you but will see you only as a friend or worse, a brother. and besides, how many gorgeous women have you seen with a jerk? makes you think doesnt it? im not saying be a jerk, im saying be nice, but not too much.

2. Trying to convince her to like you
i've learned that only a few women are capable of a change of heart. if they don't like you, they DON'T like you. one common mistake is trying to convince her to like you. we all do it, but it wont work. it's like quicksand, the more you try to convince her, the more you'll sink.

3. Looking for her approval or permission
now this applies to wussy guys (like me). i think women are annoyed by this act. bad idea, step up and be a man!

4. Trying to buy her affection with food and gifts
you want women to like you for who you are, right? of course, a few gifts and dinners won't hurt but try to limit it. let her get to know you better as you get to know her better. do sweet things and knock her off her feet, the little things usually do.

5. Sharing how you feel too early in the relationship with her
it might be a good idea to keep your feelings on the down low for a while until you feel (or you think she thinks) the time is right. she might be misled by this and misinterpret your intentions with her. share how you feel not too early but also not too late. give her time and give yourself time. try to start-off slow and finish with a bang!

i'll stop here for now. im tied to my priorities (have to study for an exam tomorrow) and will have to finish this another time. part II of will be posted tomorrow or maybe the next day. stay tuned...

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