10 August 2005

water under the bridge

my wednesday's 7-10 class, my only class for the day, started late. the guest lecturer arrived 8:30 and the lecture started at about quarter to 9. after the class, i figured it was too early to go home so i stayed for a while. i went to the library to do a homework. ok, not really, i went there to mingle with people. as i sit there doing my thing, ms. don't-flatter-yourself entered.

a split-second eye contact was all there was. it got me thinking... are we still an issue? she was there only for a couple of minutes while i continued to chat away with people. 11 o'clock i decided to call it quits and went out to go home. i never thought she was still there at the lobby. i looked at her for a couple of seconds, trying to make our eyes meet but i guess she was avoiding the spots where we had to speak. nothing else to do but go home.

but it was another reflection-type train ride home. and after 20 minutes of pondering, i decided to make ends meet. i got home and i sent her a text message. in that sms i told her that by now, the thing that happened between us should be water under the bridge. i also told her not to have the wrong idea, that i was not looking for a second chance, i just don't want us to be bitter enemies when we can be friends.

surprisingly, her reply was pleasant. i feel happy for her, maybe she's changing, even maturing. i just hope she's as happy as she's pretending. as for me, im happy. i got over her quickly with a new inspiration to boot. which reminds me, i didn't see a butterfly today. but i guess it's ok, i'm exchanging text messages with her right now anyways..

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