07 September 2005

covered in rain

scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms, the weather forecast said. but for some reason, i decided not to bring an umbrella today. i woke up late for my 7am class. no surprises there. i was an hour behind on schedule. i never rushed, figured i was already late, so what the heck. i came in more than an hour late, an hour and 15 mins late to be exact. i asked around, and just as i thought, the lecturer was late and started only 15 minutes before i arrived. a quick discussion and we were dismissed after 15 minutes more. maybe i should've stayed home and didn't have to waste money on a lecture that is more like a reading class.

i didn't want my day to end on a lousy note so i invited a couple of friends for some donuts. go nuts donuts. i had coffee, the peanut butter and choco frost donuts were great, had a few laughs, and called it a day.

midway through my train ride i started to notice dark clouds forming. a few minutes more and raindrops started to splash through the train windows. maybe the rain wont be that strong when i get off, i still have my jacket. but as the doors opened, just the sound of the rain made me see myself soaking wet.

i braved the shower, i just wanted to go home. there was something about the rain that makes me somewhat miserable. maybe it's the metaphor of being covered in rain. but i've already decided to leave the drama and not allow myself to drown in dormant emotions. i took a tricycle instead of walking home for at least five minutes. that saved me five minutes of walking, thinking, and getting wet. i was at the door, puffy, tiny and spark greeted me with enthusiasm. a simple welcome that brightened up my day.

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