10 September 2005

crashed and burned but saved by a prayer

a computer crash is nothing new to me. my windows xp is so unstable that i routinely back-up xp files and repair the system. a crash happens once a month, sometimes twice. i have even memorized the serial code for windows xp.

it's a saturday. i was grooming up, almost ready to leave the house for my internship. i decided to jazz it up a little and listen to some music. i booted the computer, xp started and i opened winamp. i clicked on the sound of my selection but all i heard was silence. a few more clicks then something played. but this wasn't my song, what the f*** was going on?

a panicked roni opened up some other more programs, trying to figure out what happened. my folder of mp3s showed 625 files. 625 files? last time i checked i had 2500++. my mind was perplexed. it was already 9am, i sent an SMS to carlo, i had to spend some time on this, i had to be late. after 30 minutes of squeezing out all the techie knowledge in my brain, i had to quit.

an hour train ride to the hospital was all about concern. i arrived and still i was troubled. i spent so much time and effort to get those mp3s and now i had to do it all again. i was blaming myself, why didn't i back-up my mp3s? damn! i was pissed but i kept my cool, i didn't want this to get in the way of work.

good thing my co-interns were tired of the work at the hospital. they decided to leave early to my delight, i could spend more time fixing my computer. we got-off by 4 instead of the usual 8pm. another one hour train ride home, this time filled with prayer and hope. i didn't want to spend 3 or more months just to recover my mp3s. i was anxious to get home. i prayed to God, asking him to make my 'fix-your-own' tactics on my computer work...

he answered my prayers. all the distress, the fear and the frustration was flushed down the toilet in an instant. all my mp3s were back. i was still clueless on the incident though. i don't know why my files disappeared in the morning and miraculously pops back up in the afternoon. but i'd rather forget about it and just be thankful all was back to normal.

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