01 September 2005

more mistakes... (a SPAM worth reading pt. II)

more of the mistakes men make with women...

6. Not getting how attraction works for women
a guy sees a sexy, beautiful woman and instantly feels an attraction. do women act the same? apparently not all the time. it seems that attraction for women is triggered by stuff other than looks. of course it would help if you look good but it shouldn't stop there.

7. Thinking that it takes money and looks
a lot of men have low self-esteem and give-up right away when they fall for someone who they think is more superior in terms of looks and riches. take a look around. how many times have you seen a couple and go: "pare, lugi yung babae..." most women are more interested in a man's personality than his looks and money.

8. Giving away all your power to women
keep some for yourself. most women are attracted to men who are in charge. wussies are a turn-off.

9. Not knowing exactly what to do in each type of situation with women
being clueless on what to do on a date or something isn't exactly attractive. you mind end up doing a staring contest, and then waiting for someone to make a move or just utter something. there are a few occasions where you can turn this around and laugh about it but only if you now what to do, if you can handle pressure well.

10. Not getting help
i guess it's the "machismo" in men that makes them allergic to getting help. guys don't like to show that they need help, unfortunately most men do need help (such as i). i learned this valuable lesson the hard way. get help in dealing with women. listen to your friends. more often than not, what they say is usually right. they have the best seat in the house, they know what's going on with you best.

that's about it, i hope this helps i know it helped me quite a bit in understanding the female psyche. and as for the ladies, any comments or violent reactions are most certainly welcomed and encouraged. maybe through this, we can bridge the gap between man and woman.

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