14 October 2005

observant glances

it was a routine lunchbreak, on a budget and on a tight schedule. looking through a glass, people were browsing for food that might interest their tastebuds that day. while having a peek at the choices, i took a glance at the people around me and i saw a face that i'm sure i have seen before...

i tried to focus on the task at hand, i got to order now 'cause my tummy's grumbling, but i kept thinking where did i see that face? electrical signals on my brain were frantic. then a light bulb lits up.

that face belonged to my myspace buddy! a friendster and a chatmate as well, but i wasn't sure if that's her. with only online pictures for reference, doubts surfaced. i knew she was from the same university but on a different college. the probability was high; the foodstall was like a lunch convergence of 3 colleges, nursing, pharmacy and dentistry. im an overstaying pharmacy student, she's a sophomore at the college of nursing.

i was looking her way, trying to confirm. i saw her with the same observant glance. maybe she's also considering the connection. a greeting would be awkward at this point. if only i had a way to confirm. i heard someone calling her name, but the audio wasn't clear. from the indistinct sound i tried to match the name to the face. it was definitely her... on second thought... nah, it can't be.

yesterday, i heard a knock. ym popped-up, months after the incident, she logged-in. now would be a good time to ask. catching up was first on the itinerary, second was the gap to ask the question. lam mo parang nakita kita dati sa skul... pero d ako sur kung ikaw yun e. the reply: lam ko, nafeel ko din yun eh..


checking her profile... Who I Want to Meet: Peter Pan, and hope he'll fly me to Neverland or give me a thimble!

Peter Pan epidsode II? mere chance? interesting none-the-less... now don't tell me you're the real tinkerbell... 'cause i wouldn't mind that at all...

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