14 October 2005

tsk, tsk, tsk...

anyone seen Pinoy Big Brother? ...as if i still need to ask. with the kind of promotion abs-cbn did for PBB and the kind of show that it is, people all over the country tune in at around 10. even 'kapuso' peeps watch the show.
i myself am a self-confessed PBB fan (yes mckee, pareho tayo). the first week of its airing, i didn't see. i wasn't persuaded by the hype. i saw a portion of the episode where they entered the house and that was it. i didnt watch it for 2 weeks. and now after a few full episodes, im hooked.

anyone who watches PBB is all too familiar with the theme song. pinoy ikaw ay pinoy.. ipakita sa mundo.. kung ano ang kaya mo... great lyrics in a refreshing tune by the band orange and lemons... or more appropriately orange and rip-offs

tsk, tsk, tsk... just when i was starting to like the band. i've seen them play before (before their popularity) and i was amazed on how they've captured the music of the 80's. i never thought they were pirates.

while searching for the song "pinoy ako" the theme song for PBB, a few interesting webpages surfaced. blogs and articles are saying they copied the song "pinoy ako" from the song "chandeliers" by care, a new wave band. there was a link to the song and i heard it, then bamm! orange and rip-offs.

researching some more, i found an article about the band's response. apparently it has come to their attention that they are being accused of copying the song "chandeliers." how low can you go? they even had the audacity of denying the accusation. the two songs in question are two entirely different songs they said. well of course they're different. but only in lyrics i say. here's a link to the full song Care - Chandeliers. you be the judge.

and to think its composer entrusted the lyrics to them. tsk, tsk, tsk... "pinoy ako, pirata tayo!" also in the list of rip-off artists are session road and cueshe. session road's "leaving you" is charged with ripping off Superdrag's "Garbonzia" and cueshe's "stay" for Silverchair's "The Greatest View."

poor cueshet, i mean cueshe. not only are they the gayest local band of all time, they are good rip-off artists as well...

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