04 November 2005

dusting off the cobwebs of my room and my memories

arguably, today was the most boring day of my sembreak. i could watch another dvd movie but the 3 dvd's i watched yesterday was more than enough for me. i could lift weights or maybe clean my room perhaps. cleaning and lifting weights are my options? just a testament of how boring this day was. so i chose to clean my room today and next thing i knew i was having blasts from the past...

there's this cabinet in my room where i keep my past stuff like old highschool and college books, notebooks, etc. with the first semester over and another just around the corner, i had to make room for the things of the second sem. to do so, i have to throw out unimportant stuff jamming up the cabinet. i don't know why i keep things that are not really necessary, even those ready for the garbage can. but for some reason or another, they're there. now it's time to throw them out.

the task was simple: pick something, decide whether to the trash can or for keeps. and while scanning through an assortment of things, i found some pictures of my 16th birthday. i remember there was a party, but i forgot about the pictures. a lot of people were there, old classmates and friends. but looking at the faces, i can't help but wonder where they are right now. for the 20 or more visitors of that night, i can only account for less than 5 of them. that's alright, i guess. after all, an estimated 75% of the visitors just came for the free booze!

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