11 November 2005

scary movies

yesterday, a few friends wanted to drink and i obliged. we had another dvd movie marathon with our good ol' pal SMB light. someone suggested that we should watch something scary. and from a recent trip to the pirated dvd capital of the philippines, we chose from recent titles and decided to watch Dark Water. it was already past midnight and we turned all the lights off. this should be fun: a post halloween scare-fest.

midway through the movie, we were getting restless. the story took so long to develop. maybe this is like The Ring where the fright is at the end. we waited for a few minutes more for something scary to come out but nothing came. one friend even fell asleep and had to rewind to the scene he had missed. what a letdown.

thoughts of ghosts and monsters scare me. i'm a chicken when it comes to scary movies. i was never a fan of scary movies until i saw The Ring. Sadako scared the living hell out of me! after The Ring, there came a bunch of scary movies from japan or if not, thrillers with a japanese theme. and i think it's getting old, this is proof. i wasn't scared at all and there was no after movie anxiety.

The Eye was a visual treat. i remember having two of my friends, both female, one on each side of me ripping my uniform-off out of fear. there was also a scene in an elevator where an old man appeared with only half of his face. we looked to our left and saw an old man who looks like the one on the big screen sitting by himself. we just ignored him and after a few minutes we looked again and saw that he was gone. scary. turns out he just changed seats and moved two rows forward.

The Ring, on the other hand, was a different story. after watching a last full show, i came home late, around 11:30. everybody was asleep but thoughts of Sadako still lingered. i can't sleep. i was scared to look at the reflection of a turned-off tv. but at the same time i was scared to turn it on. Sadako might come out! then at around 1am the phone rang. i shouldn't answer the ringing phone. but i gathered myself and answered the call. all i heard was silence. i was going to die in 7 days. i waited for my seventh day. good thing nothing happened and no one came out of the tv! whew!

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