21 December 2005

an early farewell

a christmas get-together slash birthday treat. the group was to meet at starbuck's shangri-la plaza. a lot has changed since my last visit there. i think i should go out more, care to join me? i was fourth to arrive. all smiles, christmas was in the air. a few conversations and something hints of a bad thing. no one dared to continue the drama, the pull of the trigger should be quick and painless. a few chats more and the bad aura seemed to disappear for awhile. i guess everybody was wearing their happy masks at this point. including me.

on to dinner, the food was great. laughters here and there. seems like old times. little did we know that it'll be one of the few remaining moments that the group would be complete. it's bad enough that one of us have secluded himself from time beyond schoolhours due to personal reasons, now comes this.

february of next year, karina will be off to china. for how long, no one really knows. 2 years maybe, more or less. the eminent first strike, loved, hated, then appreciated. (check out fear of the third strike and a halt at 1:39 for reference) im not even sure if she'd still be here come february nine. that would just be plain upsetting.

a feel sorry for her and jervin, their relationship would have to endure the walls of distance. but on the brighter side of things, this should be a good experience for her. only a few gets to travel for free. months or years on a foreign land could be great not only for her career but also in life as well. what do we know about the future right? as the old cliche goes, God works in mysterious ways.

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