31 December 2005

new year's evolution

back to normal size and it's new year's eve. one last look at the year that was 2005, a year of growth, a year of evolution.

as a tradition, new year's resolutions are made every year. at the start of 2005, i remember, my resolution was to shy away from my torpe persona. it wasn't that serious of a resolution, it just something you throw out there. i'll stop drinking, smoking, or whatever, you know you've been there; a year will pass and you'll have the same resolution. but mine unexpectedly came to be, out of necessity maybe, all of a sudden i found myself in a crowded train carrying a bouquet of pink roses.

the joy of my progress was short-lived, the early posts are proof. but reading a few entries more you'll witness the evolution of a downhearted boy to a lyrical soul that i am today. and what an emotional rollercoaster ride it was. but instead of feeling sick after the ride, i was pleased with the dizziness it gave me. i was satisfied with what i got from the experience, not what i had in mind, but a lesson nonetheless.

as for 2006, another resolution is yet to be fulfilled. it's a fresh start for everybody, let's not waste it...

may God bless us all in 2006! happy new year to everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't refrain from commenting. Well written!