12 January 2006

the 0.6.

twelve days into the new year, the enthusiasm for change is scarce. i've been asking people their new year's resolution and the response was bland. it's as if having a resolution is something new when welcoming a new year. one argued that you can change anytime of the year, and queried what makes the new year special. she's probably right. but then again, why not NOW.
seems like the '06 had a bad first impression on some people. i saw a bulletin post with the heading "Happy new year?" then it asks "what's so happy about the new year?"

so what is so happy about the new year? it's too early to tell, but i won't let the bad vibes ruin this year for me. i just feel this year will be great for me, and you bet your ass you'll be hearing about it!

as the guy from orange county would say... welcome to the 0.6. b*tch!

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