23 January 2006

the battle

recalling the thoughts and sentiments of saturday night's party, i made a realization that this, in fact, had some basis: "nice guys finish last, bad guys have a blast..."

january must have been my oktoberfest during my previous life. a series of parties had my beer-o-meter at a maximum. and on a night of alcohol where words are stupid and idiotic, i somehow made good use of the beer talk.

an around-the-world experience of one was laid on the table. and i mean around-the-world experience. wink, wink. and with text messages of girlfriends asking their boyfriends not to drink too much, the talk boiled down to a "how to deal with women" open forum. and i tell ya, some nasty things were done to some former girlfriends. revenge, malice, cruelty, i'll leave it vague but you get the picture. after the confessions, i never saw any trace of regret. i think they were happy to do it, or at least content with the outcome.

...on the red corner, standing to my left, wearing red and holding a fork, he hails from the deep south... "el lucifero" satan! ...and fighting out of the blue corner, wearing a white robe and sporting a beard and long hair, he hails from nazareth, the son of God... hesus "el savior" christ! ...let's get ready to rumble!

was i doing it wrong? a point scored by the devil. i began to question my ways. could i get what i wanted and more if i chose to be wicked? another good blow by the devil. it just seems wrong to begin with... good right hook by the nazarene. i'll be happy outside but not on the inside... great uppercut! in the end, the "el savior" from nazareth was too good of a counterpuncher and on the 10th round scored a tko victory over satan.

oh well, i just have to live with the fact that nice guys do finish last... but at least my soul aint corrupt...

mabuhay manny pacquiao!

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