14 January 2006

the drainage ditch misadventure

with nothing to do on a lazy thursday afternoon, a message alert tone from my phone was refreshing. at first i thought it came from a textmate sending random forwarded messages. but to my surprise, it was from asz asking me if i want to raise my alcohol level tonight. the invitation was long overdue, they've been inviting me to drink a few times last month but i declined. i assumed they're expecting another negative response, i thought i'd surprise them this time...

so then it was set, the lazy thursday would morph into a night of alcohol, loud music, and random thoughts. i have a 1 pm class the next day so we decided to drink at the newly renovated dao ming mansion in polo, malabon. lei was there early and xi men, a wild card, surprisingly joined the bash.
pepe smith's voice was rocking the joint when we entered the house, maybe signifying we're in for an interesting night. with san mig light joining the frame, we started rolling. talks of wrestling, a round of beer, then some thoughts on music, another round of beer, a debate on da vinci code, and some more beer. pretty much a normal beer bash for the four of us.

a case of beer, finished at around 10pm, and we were still rocking, or more appropriately, bouncin' to the beats of common. 10pm? a bit too early, let's buy some more beer, shall we?

another half case of beer done, that's a total of 9 bottles of beer for each one of us, now were singing our lungs out to some bon jovi stuff. is it me, or are we drunk at this point? the most beer i had before were 6 bottles, and i was barfing like crazy that night, it was a pleasant surprise that my gag reflex wasn't working on this night.
xi men said we're done, but asz brought out a half-empty bottle of fundador. and with DMX's rusty barks pumping the stereo, i was feeling cocky. three rounds later, we're definitely done. sleepy sleepy and it's time to go home. it was a perfect alcohol tolerance test at this point. but i guess, only to this point. and why not? a night won't be complete without one of us going home with an embarrassing story to tell the next day. lucky me.
while waiting for a ride home, disaster struck. we we're having fun on the highway, asz was lying on the empty road, and we were laughing like hell. next thing i recall was them helping me to get up. suddenly i realized i fell into an open drainage ditch and half of my left leg... let's just say it wasn't pleasant (sightwise and smellwise). good thing we were just in front of the house so i asked for an alternate lower garment. i went home wearing shorts and carrying a plastic bag of messed up pants... all in all that night was awesome!

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