22 February 2006

mystery woman

while browsing old emails, i stumbled on this. it was a letter to kaye dated 4 June 2001, and i can't seem to remember who i'm talking about here. i lost my phone a few years ago and with it was the numbers of friends, some of which i never had the chance to text again.

so if anyone out there remembers me, and think she's the one in this letter, send me a message okay? here's the email:

hey... nadagdagan na naman yung collection ko of frustrations and bad lucks... nagka-ayos na yata c ****** and yung boyfriend nya...kaasar nga e... pero ok lng, e kung cla e d cla... minsan talaga ganon... medjo malas ng konti... sana nga e maubos na yung malas para puro swerte naman... nakahanap na naman nga ako ng kachikahan kgabi. nagtext sha around 12-1 tapos e brokenhearted daw sha... as usual, guidance councilor na naman c roni go. parang nagpaparinig nga e... kc cnabi ko na minsan nga ganon na minamalas & cnabi ko rin yung drought ko on love. sabi nya e nandyan lng daw sa tabi tabi. tapos yung sakin din daw nandyan lng daw sa tabi tabi... tapos sabi ko pakilala nya ako. then she said na "yun. huli ka! gusto mo lng pala magpakilala sayo." e tanong ko kung sino nga. sabi nya baka di ko lng daw napapansin. sabi ko "e kung ganon, edi ANG TANGA TANGA KO PALA! :)" reply nya, "OO NGA ANG TANGA TANGA MO!" tapos me kasunod pa di ko na matandaan. ewan ko ba kung meron o talagang umiiral lng yung kapal ng mukha ko! :)

anyway... enrolment na namin sa tuesday... kaasar din. buong summer na nga akong lonely, dadagdagan pa ng pahirap... shit happens! hirap nito... sana man lng nagkaron ako ng summer fling. =)

cge yan muna.... salamat sa pagbasa.

again, if you think you're this girl, holla back! no creepy intensions here, i just want to know who you are... peace out!

18 February 2006

bad day

who would have thought, this day would be a bad one
never saw it coming, this day won't be fun
played ball last night, had the game won
today im bedridden, wishing to see the sun

i lie in bed, having a hard time to take in air
the class started, without me in my chair
it's difficult to swallow but no one seems to care
just took a couple of pills, hoping it'll end my despair...

- roni having a sore throat and a stuffy nose

16 February 2006

quiet (another thought of the hopeless romantic)

and i thought i was cured of the valentine's fever... the numbness towards the 14th was short-lived. how i wish i at least asked you out on hearts day, regardless of the answer...

just like that, you broke my heart's silence. im looking for someone like you, yet again. i think you fell asleep. just a few minutes ago, we were exchanging thoughts, connecting... or at least on this side, i'm trying to connect. i was learning you...

i hear my phone beep and i read the message. looking at the shortened words, i was imagining the pretty face behind it. beyond the colored screen was your thumb pressing the message that your mind made. insignificant as it may seem, those few moments made my day. then it was quiet.

now i dare you to fall asleep again. but this time, fall asleep on my arms...

15 February 2006

v-day dismay

an hour and thirty minutes after valentine's day and i feel numb. for the nth consecutive time, the day of hearts have nothing to offer. well, i think last year was something... i remember flowers and smiles? oh wait, that's crazy talk. as i've said, for the nth time, the day of hearts have nothing to offer.

the valentine's fever has been controlled. compared to previous years, this year's enthusiasm for valentine's day was stale. i woke up with only a single "happy valentine's day" text message waiting to be read. as far as i can remember, this day of february was like christmas when it comes to the influx of sms greetings.

and i thought the apathy for hearts' day only infects the single in status. friends with special someone's didn't even care to greet. i would think the day would be special for them and their happiness would resonate through the text world. but i guess they would rather save a peso than to commemorate the day for love...

11 February 2006

any given thursday

i looked up and i saw john mayer's "any given thursday" cd on display. the pointless nostalgic was again in action. the live 2-disc cd was a birthday gift from my UP friends 3 years back. has it been that long?

forward to 2006 and the 9th of february landed on a thursday. as early as wednesday night i had a couple of birthday text messages from friends. woke up the next day 8am with a few more on my phone. it's funny how some unexpected people remember your birthday while some that matter don't...

i have an exam that afternoon, so i spent the early hours of the day studying. ok, not really. i spent roughly an hour for studying and the rest for channel surfing, texting, and of course, friendster. i finished the exam 30 mins early, not because i was sure at my answers, but because i really have to pee. it was cold in there. after which, i treated a few friends to some donuts and then called it a day. i was quite satisfied with how the day went.

the next morning, i woke up realizing that im not content with how the day went. except for the routine greetings and the fact that it was my birthday, it wasn't that special at all. and to add insult to injury, im still waiting for a couple of greetings from people that i consider close enough friends to know that my day just went by. last thursday was just like any other thursday of the year.

i know im not the only one with this drama. i guess we're just getting old for these kind of things. i just hope i don't turn out to be someone who forgets his own birthday.

01 February 2006

crossing the IDL

5:09 and the cock's crows are saturating my ears. another day in the life of the insomniac? i doubt it; i sleep at an average of 10 hours a day. i'm getting enough sleep, if not too much. just like before, my body clock has gone haywire.

i've gone from automatic shutdown, to no shutdown at all. i've wanted to set my biological clock on time but it just keeps getting worse. just last semester, i usually fall asleep right after conan, just around 1am. then sembreak came and bedtime became 3am. now i'm at 5am going on 6. it's like i'm living on a different timezone now...

i guess this is baby step numero uno. i have to cross my international date line so i wont be one day behind of everyone. somehow, i should find a way to get my clock fixed and set it to "normal people" time.