11 February 2006

any given thursday

i looked up and i saw john mayer's "any given thursday" cd on display. the pointless nostalgic was again in action. the live 2-disc cd was a birthday gift from my UP friends 3 years back. has it been that long?

forward to 2006 and the 9th of february landed on a thursday. as early as wednesday night i had a couple of birthday text messages from friends. woke up the next day 8am with a few more on my phone. it's funny how some unexpected people remember your birthday while some that matter don't...

i have an exam that afternoon, so i spent the early hours of the day studying. ok, not really. i spent roughly an hour for studying and the rest for channel surfing, texting, and of course, friendster. i finished the exam 30 mins early, not because i was sure at my answers, but because i really have to pee. it was cold in there. after which, i treated a few friends to some donuts and then called it a day. i was quite satisfied with how the day went.

the next morning, i woke up realizing that im not content with how the day went. except for the routine greetings and the fact that it was my birthday, it wasn't that special at all. and to add insult to injury, im still waiting for a couple of greetings from people that i consider close enough friends to know that my day just went by. last thursday was just like any other thursday of the year.

i know im not the only one with this drama. i guess we're just getting old for these kind of things. i just hope i don't turn out to be someone who forgets his own birthday.

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