01 February 2006

crossing the IDL

5:09 and the cock's crows are saturating my ears. another day in the life of the insomniac? i doubt it; i sleep at an average of 10 hours a day. i'm getting enough sleep, if not too much. just like before, my body clock has gone haywire.

i've gone from automatic shutdown, to no shutdown at all. i've wanted to set my biological clock on time but it just keeps getting worse. just last semester, i usually fall asleep right after conan, just around 1am. then sembreak came and bedtime became 3am. now i'm at 5am going on 6. it's like i'm living on a different timezone now...

i guess this is baby step numero uno. i have to cross my international date line so i wont be one day behind of everyone. somehow, i should find a way to get my clock fixed and set it to "normal people" time.

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