15 February 2006

v-day dismay

an hour and thirty minutes after valentine's day and i feel numb. for the nth consecutive time, the day of hearts have nothing to offer. well, i think last year was something... i remember flowers and smiles? oh wait, that's crazy talk. as i've said, for the nth time, the day of hearts have nothing to offer.

the valentine's fever has been controlled. compared to previous years, this year's enthusiasm for valentine's day was stale. i woke up with only a single "happy valentine's day" text message waiting to be read. as far as i can remember, this day of february was like christmas when it comes to the influx of sms greetings.

and i thought the apathy for hearts' day only infects the single in status. friends with special someone's didn't even care to greet. i would think the day would be special for them and their happiness would resonate through the text world. but i guess they would rather save a peso than to commemorate the day for love...

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