03 March 2006

i'm officially a 10 year-old

twenty-four hours ago i was yearning for the tv classics. a time when weekend television was a worth the 5-day class schedule. saturday mornings of looney tunes, afternoons of maskman and nights of tropang trumpo. sunday mornings are just as great with bioman and shaider, and of course nights with anjo and smokey defending takeshi's castle.

and if tv is not enough, there was the nintendo family computer. countless hours of super mario brothers 3, trying to get to level 8 and face king kuppa. cheating my way, using al kinds of tricks just to save the princess. there's also the ubiquitous games, battle city, twin bee, galaxian, tetris, and so much more. where have all the games gone?

apparently, the games didn't go away, they are still in very much around. there are still a few places where you can buy the old-school family computer. and if that's not proof enough, try buying a new dvd player. no, not the authentic dvd players. try china-made players, they come with 2 joysticks and a cd of 300 family computer games absolutely free.

and for the PC-ridden, there's a way to bring the past straight to your desktop. try searching for NES (nintendo entertainment system)emulators on the web. after downloading an emulator (i use FCE Ultra), look for NES ROM's. there are a lot of website offering free emulators and hundreds of game rom's. i'm currently playing mike tyson's punch out, oh yeah!

and that's not all, if it's not nintendo you fell in-love with, say atari, sega, gameboy, whatever it is, it's all on the information superhighway. so start being a kid again!

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