22 March 2006


deja vu.

1:57 am. exam at 5:00pm. progress report: 10% progress. ten percent attributing only to my stock knowledge. honest progress report: 0%. the primary culprit: people.

after battling with the waiting game that the philippine system plays, i finally got my renewed driver's license. from LTO valenzuela, passed on to LTO caloocan, the system never fails to... fail. and from technical reasons to duplicate licenses, i burned up 800 Php, waited a total 5 hours, only for a plastic card that i rarely use. but some spent less time and money, offering cash under the table or just having an influential connection. draining to say the very least.

woke up 9:30pm after a much needed nap, reminded of the task at hand. the plan:
9:30-10:00, dinner. 10:00-11:00, PBB. 11:00-12:00, chill. 12:00-1:00, late night with conan o'brien. 1:00-sleepy time, study.
the plan was in motion but a detour at 12:45am; aimee marcos was on pipol. nice smile, intelligent, feet on the ground, musically oriented (beatles baby!), artist, and without a political mindset. any aimee marcos clones out there, call me. then my eyes were dropping. time for a little caffeine sip.

drinking coffee while channel surfing. then a familiar face stopped my finger from pressing CH+. tupac shakur. and i thought it was just another tupac biography, but it wasn't. most of the time it was 2pac talking. and it's a different story when the life of a person is presented by the person himself. it's his life, the way he saw it, the way he perceived the world, the way he lived it.

so even if i fail my exam, i'll be cool with it. you can only learn so much about drugs, diseases, treatments and all that crap i probably wouldn't even remember next month. but to learn from people and to learn a bit about life... priceless.

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