21 March 2006

a raincloud on a hot summer day

i roughly have 30 minutes to prep for the day; i woke up late, again. i knew this was coming but the 11:30 lights out wasn't working. the lights were on 'til 5 am. so there i was, took a bath, put on my clothes, fixed my things, all on fast-forward. the clock is ticking, might as well skip my meal.

i walked outside waiting for a ride but then a taxi cab pulled over. my sister hired a taxi and offered me a ride. cool, i'll save a couple of bucks and i'll be comfortable too... not. summer was pressing it's face on my skin, and the cab's clear windows and defective air-conditioning unit did not make it easier. and to make things worse, almost everytime the driver pumps the brakes, the car engine dies. good thing the cab starts right back up. i was only a few minutes behind schedule.

walked up the stairs, and a crowd was in sight. the train was behind schedule as well. and when a train finally came, the sigh of relief was not worth it. the air conditioning unit of the train was not working. this day can now be considered as a bad day candidate.

10 minutes late and i can't find my class. when i finally did, our scheduled presentation was still missing 2 more teachers. yey for filipino time! our presentation started without a hitch until the question and answer portion. we were questioned for our format, content, anything. well, if you told us what you wanted then you wouldn't be questioning us wouldn't you? tell us what you want instead of giving us a small piece of paper and letting us figure it out for ourselves...

after the dust settled, after the smoke has cleared, after all has been said and done, and after all the sappy cliche's, it's time to go home. the day is finally over. or is it? on my way home, only a few meters away to my stop, the engine of the jeepney i was riding died. it took a number of ignitions for it to start again. so i guess its official. a dark raincloud was above me all along.

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