11 March 2006

the sounds of the LRT

when i started to utilize the LRT, an air-conditioned train was a rare sight. and what a treat it was back in the day when you chance upon this new train. it's cool, it's roomy, and it had a radio. unfortunately, the radio dial was stuck to radio stations such as yes fm, love radio and the likes. radio stations that play mostly novelty songs, foreign music (and i do mean foreign, no one understands the words), and music that would make your ears bleed. we used to call these songs "LRT songs" or "FX songs" and just the mention of it would bring to mind the genre it represents.

then there was the LRT bombings. LRT stopped its operations for a couple of months. and when it resumed service the air-con trains were nowhere in sight. there were only regular trains and a train ride during that time was eerie. alert and silent.

a few years after the tragedy and a hundred percent of the trains in operation are now fully air-conditioned. there's no radio though, but the noise is definitely back. irritating laughter, loud ringtones (mostly monotones), loud conversations over the phone, or just mere talks. and as a sole traveler, i just can't help but eavesdrop on people. how many times have you listened to a story you know is a stir? people sometimes just don't know what they're talking about. i could only shake my head. if only i could slap them and tell the right story.

and don't get me started on cellphones. with volume to a maximum, you would hear a monotone version of the latest telenovela theme song. and as if ten people on the train have the same ringtone, the owner would let the song finish. and when he finally answers the call, you'll hear this: "hello? hello?! hello, hello? hello?" then checks his phone if it's still on then: "hello?! hello? hello..."

there's no one on the other line stupid, drop the phone!

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