15 March 2006

still on a time warp

i lent our nintendo family computer when i was in highschool and i never got it back. and for a while, our free time was stuck on filipino games and tv. until my dad brought home a personal computer...

i was fortunate enough to be one first few kids to have a PC at home. and it was way, way different from the PC of today. nowadays, desktops or laptops are designed to be user friendly that even a chimp can use it. that was not the case with DOS or Disk Operating System.

with DOS, you have to remember a few command lines to efficiently operate the system. del, cd, dir, type, rename, what else was there? and how about wordstar? we even had a computer class to learn the basics of wordstar, and for what? PC's were measured by the 86's (286, 486, 586) and most of them even have a turbo button.

even the use of the mouse was so advanced at the time that you have to type something in the command prompt before you can use it. well, windows was available at that time, version 3.1. but all i ever used in windows 3.1 was the solitaire game.

and now after downloading nintendo games of the past, im now hooked on DOS games. i'm definitely still on a time warp. doom, flashpoint, prince of persia, pizza tycoon, sim city and so much more. after finding my way to a site called abandonia, i've downloaded the games for free and rediscoved new ones. i was surprised to see a game called "lord of the rings; the fellowship of the ring" dated 1990 as its date of release. who knew back then that LOTR would be such a huge success and be of a cult status.

if you're feeling vintage, check the site and maybe you'll find a couple of hours of the past back.

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