02 March 2006

tv classics

it rained on the first day of march, not exactly a great start for the summer season. to make things worse, cable went out. life without cable television is definitely a bore.

rustom padilla got out of the closet. good for him. good for us too, it was the only entertainment that local television provided this day. gone were the days when we didn't need cable. we were content with 2,5,7,9 and 13. but now, even with uhf, its hard to find real entertainment.

with cable tv, i could stay up all night. even with if nothing good is on, channel surfing through 60 plus channels is amusement enough. jack tv and etc offer the best shows. late night with COB, wwe raw and smackdown, the o.c., arrested development, mad tv, saturday night live, i could go on and on. yet, i couldn't help but crave for the classics. here's my list of tv shows that i want to be aired again:

1. takeshi's castle - anjo and smokey, gibraltar bridge, the spinning mushroom, all of these brought to you by mentos.
2. maskman, bioman, shaider, daimos, mask rider black - shaider is currently airing on hero channel, annie's panties are still yellow. i just want to know how all these series end, i need closure!
3. ober da bakod - bubuli, mokong, lukring, and don robert getting arrested at every ending.
4. tropang trumpo - where it all started, the original bubble gang.
5. 5 and up - very educational.
6. the woody woodpecker show - a funny way to kill time.
7. garfield and friends - i forgot the names of the farm animals.
8. super mario brothers - mario, luigi, mushroom, the princess and kuppa!
9. full house - not the korean series but the one with the olsen twins.
10. champoy
11. t.o.d.a.s.

im having a hard time remembering the name of the other shows i like. do remind me of the classics won't cha? make your own list!

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