04 March 2006

you steal music, i steal music

guilty as charged! and i'm not afraid to say it, i steal music from the internet. for almost 9 years now, i've been downloading mp3s anywhere on the net. at least two-thirds (or around 2500) of my mp3 collection came from websites, mirc, and other file sharing networks. the rest came from ripping cd's of friends, some of which are pirated.

the music industry says it loses millions on piracy and illegal downloads. and i feel for them. did you feel the sarcasm? maybe for piracy, they have a point, other people making money out of other's work. but for downloading mp3s, i don't think so.

it's like your friend bought a cd of a band you both like. instead of buying the cd, you borrow your friend's. legal. but then your friend wants the cd back. so what do you do? you rip the cd to your desktop. still legal. if you're someone who gets online a lot, you probably use a file-sharing program or p2p. and maybe you share your ripped mp3s to people you don't know. illegal? negative. i think it only becomes illegal if you profit from it.

the music industry is guilty as well. take a look at this blog and read about the not so original OPM of the now. remakes, covers, rip-offs, whatever you wanna call it, can only be at best a PM and not an OPM. and to the real artists, don't you worry, people still buy original cd's from original artists...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

struggling musician that i am, people are surprised at my pro-piracy stand. it has to do with my take on the whole thing: i consider music a form of expression, and it seems silly to me that people should pay to know my opinions ^_^ besides, i believe in the purity of the "gig" - i'd pay good money for a live performance because it's a lot harder to fake than a studio recording. just ask ashlee simpson lol