21 April 2006

batch 2006

i graduated late and i'm late for graduation, 2 years and an hour respectively. halfway through the college graduation, a drop of sadness fell on me. i miss my batchmates, my friends. i look around and i see familiar faces, but they just don't feel like home. batch of 2006, we were. but at heart i'm still batch of 2004.

this is my day and i have to enjoy it. but a presentation from the graduating batch ruined it for me. 10 minutes of technical difficulties, then a slideshow was presented. pictures of the past and pictures of the present. i never saw my face. and they even dared to ask me why i was not there. i felt that i did not belong there. i just imagined gene, chai, carlo, karina, jeboy, kirk, boni, and me graduating together and those were our pictures.

on to the university graduation, a larger stage and a bigger audience. 920+ UP Manila students earning their degrees from different colleges. it was a borefest. until, we were called up the stage to get our dummy diplomas. i'm starting to feel like a graduate. and after the closing remarks, after the final words, i screamed my lungs out. 7 years. 7 long years. it's finally over.

congratulations to the graduates!

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