03 April 2006

The euro-med cavite experience: part 1

12:01 dasmarinas, cavite, karen carpenter's voice haunting me while i can't sleep. i've gone vintage and tried to document the day's events less the use of a keyboard.

by the looks of it, the chance for this misadventure to turn 180 degrees is going nil. the lights are still on, i'm bored, tired and still adjusting to my new environment... the things i have to do to make up for my earlier scholastic mishaps.

in a room with 4 girls, this would've been a blast if only the four were gene, chai, kirk, and karina. my college friends who were so comfortable to be with that i didn't mind taking a course that i could care less then.

and as for the butterfly, she's not here yet but i already heard mumbles and whispers. she requested to be in a room without me in it. word has it that she's just being careful as not to spark some jealousy from her other half. Newsflash woman: i ain't planning on making moves and besides, i'm not one who messes with couples. you're only a butterfly because i looked your way when i was down... and you looked back...

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