03 April 2006

The euro-med cavite experience: part 2

2nd day and the butterfly has landed. more importantly, a tsunami washed-out our energy. trouble occurred while processing our application for internship. now i'm really stucked in cavite. misplaced, ignored, whatever their reason, i'm starting to see dead people... and i'm looking at the man in the mirror.

out of 10 UP Manila applicants, 6 have already earned their 14 hours of internship, putting labels on bottles and boxes. the butterfly was as unlucky as me. some small talk, tv, some coke and the awkwardness was nowhere in sight. maybe it's the mutual depression we were feeling at the time.

we're cool. i know where i stand, and as i've said before, it's not like it's gonna work when i make a move. but it was nice befriending someone who was once my unreachable star.

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