06 April 2006

The euro-med cavite experience: part 5

thursday started with a lot of promise. nothing more to worry about because the pharmacist in charge dismisses interns early. but this day would turn our smiles upside down in a flash.

9am, a packaging error of a euro-med trainee infuriated a supervisor. to our surprise, blaming fingers were pointed at us. the pharmacist had no choice but to transfer some of us to other departments. i was one of those transferred to 302, the department known as hell.

302's pharmacist welcomed us to her realm. she was wearing a smile and looked like a nice person, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. she was indeed nice, she taught us everything interns had to know, but she was strict when it comes to time. say you'll stay for 6am to 10pm; you have to wait for 9:59pm before you can go home. and the place was literally hell. 2 air-con units but people were soaking wet in perspiration and were gasping for air.

i went home with every body part aching after 12 hours of folding carton boxes and lifting them after packing 12 bottles of dextrose in. can somebody please, have the decency to get me out of hell...

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