07 April 2006

The euro-med cavite experience: part 6

i want to call-in sick today. this day would only bring soreness to my already worn-out body. but i had to go, there was no turning back; i already paid rent.

a plan was set to escape from the day's dose of body pain. we reported to the previous pharmacist (the one who dismisses interns early) thinking we could get away with it. but the pharmacist asked us what we were doing there, telling us he already assigned us to another department. and all this time i thought you were kind and considerate. damn you sir.

time to face the music. fold the carton box and feel the heat. no one was having fun. we came up with a new plan and took our chances on the pharmacist of the next shift. we logged-out at 2pm and looked for ma'am marnie.

ma'am marnie is an angel. sexy, pretty and cool. we saw her on our way out and she immediately thought of how she could fix our time card. no doubt, she was heaven sent.

i was home with the sun still lighting up the sky. i'm a bit tired but just thinking of euro-med's angel makes me feel like a million bucks...

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