08 April 2006

The euro-med cavite experience: part 7

i wonder why she's not here yet. it's been 2 nights and i'm missing her cute laugh. she had to go 2 her nephew's birthday party and left yesterday afternoon.

work today wasn't that heavy but it's not that easy either. we folded drug inserts for hours until the angel dismissed us at 5:30pm and logged us 17 hours on the timecard. home early, we decided to cook dinner rather than spend more on fastfood. i was the chef for the day and today's menu: pasta ala roni.

for years i've been cooking up this homemade dish and the feedback was great. everytime i celebrate my birthday or anytime i feel like it, i serve the dish that people seem to enjoy. i would've wish she could have a taste of my specialty but today's pasta ala roni didn't have its magic.

too many chefs spoil the broth. how fitting. it was my dish, my method, and my rules. but while cooking the dish, some wanted to put their fingers in. add a little salt, add some onions, do this, do that. who told you have a say on this? there's another stove, cook your own dish! if only i have the war-freak nature from my mom's side of the family, there would be a shouting match for sure.

if by any chance, you are the one i'm referring to and know it, be thankful that i respect women and that i'm no asshole. you would've been covered with mouth-watering white sauce right now. care to push me to the limit?

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