23 April 2006

the euro-med cavite experience: the final chapter

wednesday, 19th of april, time to go home. i walked outside waiting for a bus to manila. i looked up and saw a beautiful morning sky. the sun was shining brightly, the clouds were moving slowly, a great mental picture to remember cavite by. it was the last time i saw cavite, until this day.

we were to pick up today some things, not suitable for bus travel. tv, dvd, electric fans and some excess baggage. now it's time to say our last goodbye to the house. i must admit that although it was not the most comfortable of places, i missed it. the experience, living with women, discovering people, befriending an inspration, is definitely an experience that i'll never forget.

after picking up all our belongings, my 2 companions suggested a quick visit to tagaytay. sure. the 2 were the housemates that i had some words for. but it's all in the past now, im not one to let some bad feelings get out of hand and blow out of proportion. in the end, it was a great trip to people's park in the sky, pictures are proof. i just wish that the butterfly was there. she was making her presence felt, from butterfly-shaped cakes to butterfly keychains. i see her everywhere. how can i clip her wings if everything i see reminds me of her? i need a change of heart...

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